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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Review: Seduction & Scandal by Charlotte Featherstone

Seduction & Scandal (The Brethren Guardians # 1)
by Charlotte Featherstone
Historical Romance

Isabella Fairmont longs for a respectable and safe life and marriage and promises herself that she will never be like her scandalous mother who lived a hard and pitiful life because of her reckless passion. Instead she writes novels pouring her passionate nature into her words. However, the Earl of Black, who bears a remarkable resemblance to the hero of her nover, seems to provoke her in to wantoness and desire whenever he touches her. Black has loved and desired Isabella from a far for a long time and now he is finally taking action. However, he has deep dark secrets and a family legacy he must protect at all costs and his legacy may now be a direct threat to Isabella's life.

I really enjoyed this book, it was very atmospheric and had a very gothic feel to it that really made the book stand out. It was written in Charlotte Featherstones's flowery and poetic writing that makes the whole book seem stuffed full of emotion and is perfect for the dark and gothic vibe of them book.

Lord Black was a great hero, very sensuous and mysterious, yet still quite open in his need for Isabella. I am not sure how Isabella resisted him for as long as she did, despite her reasons for doing so. I liked Isabella as well, although I did start getting frustrated with her resistance to Black. Especially as we could see Black point of view and knew that although he planned to thoroughly ravish her, he also intended to marry her as well.

The love scenes in this were fantastic as well, they were both romantic and completely erotic. Charlotte Featherstone has a way of writing sex that is both hot and yet really beautiful.

What I also liked about this was the mystery and magical element to this, and the Brethren Guardians idea. I won't spoil the story by giving too much away, but Black and two of his friends are descendents of Templar Knights and they all have to protect certain relics for the sake of humanity. However, these items have been stolen and they need to get them back. The story doesn't resolve in this one, but continues to the next book in the series and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Although I really liked this book, for me it isn't quite 5 stars. I thought it was quite slow, I would have liked to see more action in it and also I think Black and Isabella waited too long to be together. It seemed one minute everything was going along at a plodding pace and then in the last few chapters everything happened at once.
In conclusion it was a great read and I am very much looking forward to the next book.

Favouriet Quote:
"...I will bear all my sins, all my secrets, when you come to me. It's all I can offer. You see, little love, I'm afriad too, but the difference between us is that I believe it's worth it to face that fear if it means that I'll have you."