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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Review: Mesmerized by Lauren Dane

Mesmerized (Phantom Corps # 2)
by Lauren Dane
Paranormal Romance

Andrei... Andrei... Andrei... YOU SEXY BEAST! There is nothing I like more than a hot, intense, alpha male! And Andrei is all that and then some. Now if we could only get him to admit he has a future with Piper.

I thought Andrei was a sexy as hell in the previous book, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on his story. I enjoyed the beginning where it actually gives us a small glimpse as to how he became a part of the Phantom Corps, and where he came from.

I was not expecting, however, that this would be a story of reunited lovers. Such a contradiction for him. He's been in love with Piper from when they were both poor teenagers without much of a future. He was always the trouble maker, and this leads him to disappear from Piper, and her family's lives, pretty much without a trace.

Except he kept in contact with them throughout the years, helping them by sending them credits. With this help they were able to do something with their lives, and Piper is now a bad ass mercenary!

When the war in the 'Verses is almost upon them, and danger is escalating, Andrei is sent to investigate and gather information through the mercs, and he is put in close contact with Piper again.

Piper was such an enjoyable heroine. After the disaster (for my taste) of the last heroine in this series, I'm so glad I can say I really enjoyed Piper!

"She'd lived her life making choices. Not always the ones she wanted to make, but she'd made them and dealt with the consequences. She'd existed and survived, and on the continuum of joy and sorrow, she'd had much more of the former. Her life was filled with love. Love she'd made the deliberate choice to open her life to."

Even though he fights this all the way, he can't deny his attraction, and even his love, for Piper is still there. He was in love with the girl then, and he's still in love with the woman now. No other woman since could compare, and no woman ever will. He realizes this will always be true. But he doesn't think he has anything to offer. He's a killer, no good for her.

Except Piper has plans for them. But she's changed as well, and she can play with the big boys. In fact she shows him that she can by becoming sort of his partner in this investigation, against his better judgement.

This story is full of action, a lot is happening, attacks that are changing the future, and new information coming in.

On the other hand, Andrei and Piper are HAWT together! He's a bit of a dominant, and she lets him show her his wildest side.

"You know," Andrei spoke low as he moved his chair closer, "it's so dark back here I bet I could make you come without putting my hand in your pants."

This is my favorite book in this series now!! And let me just say the setup for the next book was very well done, and I can't wait to read it!