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Monday, 23 May 2011

Review: Shoulda Been A Cowboy by Lorelei James

Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Rough Riders # 7)
by Lorelei James
Erotica Romance

Domini and Cam.... Where to start. This was a weird one for me. At times I loved it, at times it was meh. But I think in the end it's a good story.

Cam has wanted Domini for 2 years, but he doesn't make a move because he thinks she can't handle his dark sexual needs. And then he finds out that's exactly what she wants. And these two are pretty hot, in a BDSM/dom kinda way (that aspect is pretty light IMO).

But Cam still has hang ups. He lost a leg during war, and still has a complex about that. He won't let Domini in right away, just as he hasn't let his family in.  At the same time, Domini has had a rough life and has issues of her own. In a way, they're both broken and it just works.

I didn't like Cam as much as I thought I would, though. I found myself thinking he was a bit of an ass sometimes, especially because of how he was treating Anton. I understand they all of a sudden found themselves with a ready made and full grown family, but I still didn't really like his attitude, at least in that aspect.

I also didn't like how/why they ended up married. At least the outspoken reason. They both wanted it, but neither one would say anything. And also how the wedding happened. I thought the threesome in this book was completely unnecessary, and wish that wasn't in the book. I never thought I'd say that!
I really enjoyed the bits we saw of the other MacKays. I'm really looking forward to Jack/Keely's book, they seemed to have SPARKS. Jessie and Brandt will probably end up together. I'm excited to keep reading this series.