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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Teaser Tuesday Mashup

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison ( The Elder Races,  # 1)

Rune continued, "Also, sometime today I'd like to go to the gym and run through some safety pointers with you."
She refocused on him and nodded. "Okay, I've taken classes that should help with that."
"I know about them classes. Cardio Kickboxing, " said Graydon. "Turbo Dance. I watch infomercials."
"You're not helping, Gilligan," Rune said.

"I mean, seriously... how many times in a girl's life can she hope... even dream?"
"Gwen, I don't under---"
"I swear," she beeged while wiggling out of her jeans before she sent them flying, "you take care of me, I swear, swear, swear I'll take care of you.  I just need you to do this for me."
And there went her panties.
"That sounds great, but I guess I'm unclear---"
"Unclear?" she snapped.  "You tell me your lips function like fingers and you're unclear?  On what exactly?"
Lock took a moment to luxuriate in the wonder that was Mr. Mittens.  Because, holy hell, he adored this woman!
"I see."
"I hope so."  Completely naked from the waist down, Gwen stretched out across Lock's bed, her feet pointing at him, and spread her legs.  She fisted her hands at her side and said, "Okay, do it.  Wait!"  She reached over and grabbed one of his pillows, covering her face.  "Okay," she said behind the pillow, "now do it."

Knight of Swords by Sara Curran-Ross (The Sword Series # 1)

I cupped her face, tilting towards me. I looked into her deep, emerald eyes and smiled. "You are all I desire in this world." And it was the truth.