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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Review: Peace Love Music by Cornelia Amiri

Peace Love Music is such a feel good book. Set in 1969 during the Woodstock Art and Music Festival, it’s got the chilled out atmosphere and the mellow vibes of the hippie era. What I loved most about this book is the appreciation for music. Ms. Amiri does a wonderful job of incorporating the music genre of that time into the story, making it seem as if you suddenly stepped back into the past. The transition was seamless and I really enjoyed all the musical references.

However, there is a point where too many musical references can disrupt the flow and the plot progression. There were times in this book where I felt that the musical aspect of the book overwhelmed the romantic aspect. I saw the spark between Blue and Jodi early on and I was really looking forward to pursuing that storyline. With all the lyrics from various songs, it seemed to cut the flow of words and thus, slowed the pace a bit.

Despite that, I loved the chemistry between Blue and Jodi and I wished that there was more to explore with them. Blue was like a stick of dynamite, one who doesn’t seem like much at first, but then he just explodes onto the page and grabs your attention. And Jodi, being the naive young woman that she is, becomes transfixed by this man who offers to walk her to her tent.

The love scenes were well-written and definitely steamy. I kind of wish this was longer so that there was more to read about them! The scenes were intense, but short and I would have loved it if Ms. Amiri explored this more.

Overall, this book was quick and easy read, filled with the message of peace, love and yup, you guessed it, music!