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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Review: Alpha by Rachel Vincent

Alpha (Shifters # 6) 
by Rachel Vincent

Urban Fantasy
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What an amazing ending to this series!!! This book was excellent! Coming from someone who struggled a bit through the first 2 books, and was encouraged to continue (a little) with the third!

Ms. Vincent has done a great job with world-building throughout this series, the plots of each book are always interesting, keep you on your toes, and they've been laid out so well, it's almost like watching a movie!

The characters are all great! I was never a Faythe lover, well, let's face it, in the beginning of this series I HATED Faythe. She was just so immature and Ms. Spoiled-Princess, and I almost gave up on the series for that reason alone. But now I can honestly say I've enjoyed seeing her grow! I really can't believe it's only been a year (timeline of the series) since she was called back from and away from college and her human life. In that year, she has experienced love, loss, action, drama, betrayal. She's had to face rogue werecats, get kidnapped, almost raped, faced the Council, and through all that she's developed a backbone and she's just grown up!

From book 4 there's a series of events that unfold and are left unresolved until now... Calvin Malone, power hungry bad guy is still making everyone's lives a mess. Faythe is still not sure about her feelings for Marc and Jace.

I don't want to give anything away... This book can only be enjoyed if you avoid ALL spoilers. Believe me, it'll keep you on your toes, you just have to know what happens next.

I am extremely satisfied with how things finished and how everything was handled. The last 3 books have been an extremely emotional rollercoaster ride. Make sure you have the kleenex ready for all 3 of them. They are gut-wrenchingly emotional! I loved them! I highly recommend this series now!!!!