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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Review: Takedown by Stacey Kennedy

by Stacey Kennedy
(1 Night Stand # 13)

WOW! Ms. Kennedy knows how to heat things up fast!

If you’re new to M/M romance, or just aren’t sure if this is something you’d like yet, then I think Takedown would be a perfect place to start!

First off, it isn’t that long. At about 37 pages, it almost seems too short! I blazed through this novella so quickly that I wished it was a full-length book! Also, this book has great characters that are strong on their own, but when paired together, they are explosive! I LOVED Rye! I thought he was so sexy in the arrogant way he carried himself. And then there’s Wyatt, a U.S. Marshall who finally gets the break he deserves. These two guys sizzle on the page and I’d like to read about them some more!

I also liked the idea of Madame Eve and that 1NightStand dating service. I thought it added a unique touch to a great novella and it certainly got a laugh out of me! It was a neat idea!

In terms of steam factor, yeah...Ms. Kennedy knows what she’s doing when it comes to erotica! There’s no doubt about it!

Bottom line? I’d read it again!



Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this book and also the fact that Im in it ;) and named Wyatt ;) lol.. overall all was hot !! smexy and sinfully deliscious !! great review !!