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Monday, 9 May 2011


In honor of Pamela Clare’s latest release, this week we’ve chosen the hotness that is stamped all over Breaking Point’s cover! I know for a fact that Ms. Clare is in love with her newest cover and I don’t blame her at all! Jed Hill is downright smexy and it will be hard not to try to lick this cover once you see it!
Jed is also on a few other covers as well, including Shayla Black’s Delicious and Jaci Burton’s The Perfect Play. Hopefully, we’ll see him on more covers in the future. Check him out here on these other awesome covers and pictures!

And for you ladies who like to stare, here are some stills for you! Now go ahead and drool!

Damn! And he even looks good WITH CLOTHES ON!


Anonymous said...

Is the guitar really necessary?

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you on that, Dee!


Vanesmate said...

Yea...the guitar can totally take a hike!! Rawr!!

Pamela Clare said...

I'm not sure the guitar is capable of giving consent for that.

Ah, Jed Hill — a feast for the eyes and ovaries! My editor put him on the cover because she found out from reading my blog that I had the hots for him. He's my mental image for the hero in BREAKING POINT — Zach McBride. He's who I had in mind long before the cover was made, so it was completely fantastically cool that I got him as the model.

And now we can ALL enjoy it.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind taking the place of the guitar! : P

That is fantastic Pamela! The guy is just so hot... those ABS! *drool*


Unknown said...

It seems that everyone is jealous of that guitar!

Thanks for stopping by Pamela! Zach is a hottie for sure!


Eden Summers said...

Well this post just stuffed up my plans for the day. Kids at pre-school, hubby at work, me - meant to be cleaning, HELL NO, me - now going to be drooling over Jed for the rest of the day!!

Unknown said...

Sorry, Jodie! Well, not really. I'm sure you wouldn't mind some Jed action, huh?


Ren said...

Oh, wait, he's at Delicious too? :O
I don't know if that guy is him, can't see his face, but I love Delicious cover :D

Just adding,A Lot Like Love by Julie James have Jed at cover. He looks good with suit!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Do you have a cloth or something that I can borry to wipe up my drool?

Unknown said...

Yes, Ren! That's him as well! I loved that cover as well.

Oooh! I haven't seen that cover yet! I'll go check it out! Thanks!

*hands napkin to Megan....pauses* On second thought, take a couple more :)


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...


Unknown said...

LOL! *winks*