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Monday, 12 December 2011

Review: Christmas Showdown by Mackenzie McKade

Christmas Showdown
by Mackenzie McKade

Worst case scenario EVER... You have a hot one night stand with a hot guy who rocks your world. You don't even know his last name and he's actually just passing through your city. And then he never calls you again. Fast forward a little bit and you find out you're pregnant. Damn!

This is what happens to our heroine, Kelly, and even though she attempted to find Trey (that's the only thing she had to go by) she was unsuccessful.

Now two years later she has moved to his city and happens to run into him after her bank was robbed and he's the officer that shows up. Chance encounter.

Trey hasn't stopped thinking of her since that night and cursing his luck that the paper with her number was lost. Now that fate brought her back to him AND he finds out he has a kid he decides he's not letting them go. But will that work for Kelly?

I thought this story was really sweet, with enough sizzling chemistry between Kelly and Trey to keep things interesting. They've gone through something pretty crazy but they both felt more for each than just lust from the very first time and now they have a second chance.

Perfect story to curl up with on the couch with a blanket! 

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Sophia Rose said...

What a nice twist in the plot to bring them back together. This just sound like a nice cozy read.

Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

Warm and fuzzy feelings :)


lisagkendall said...

I love curling up with my blankie and a good book. Sounds like a perfect treat.