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Sunday, 18 December 2011


Who else here had a thing for Taylor when he was in Friday Night Lights? *raises hand* I know I did!!

I'm a huge fan of his hair. Not sure what it is about longer hair on men. Those who can pull it off are just sexier. I mean, really. check out this pic right here. Brooding male. Yum.

I am currently in a historical romance faze right now. I saw this and thought, hmmm Taylor as a gladiator? What about a highlander hero? Any takers?

And of course, who can resist a bad boy on a motorcycle? I know I can't. Think he could play Jax from Jill Shalvis' SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE?

Or, perhaps a M/M hero? *raises eyebrow*

But if I had to cast Taylor for a book role, I think he would make a fantastic William from Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld!! What do you think?
Which bookish role would you cast Taylor in?


Ning said...

Wow I can totally see him as William. And that smile... that's what I think of when Will puts on his charm.

Lexi said...

Oh yeah, totally William!

Lady D said...

Cade, from Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole.

Unknown said...

Yay, glad you like him as William!

Nice, Lady D! He could be a good Cade too! My Cade is Jessie Pavelka!

Dyllan said...

*squeee like a Justin Bieber fangirl*

I think I say this on a daily base.

1. Taylor is Hot, and I loved him at FNL.
2. Man + Long Hair = Hottest thing on earth.
3. Taylor + Long Hair + Bike&Leather = *squeee like a Justin Bieber fangirl*

I never saw him as Wiliam, but I think he could be a real good Lassiter from BDB!

Loved the post Ladies!

Unknown said...

Haha Dyllan!!

Lassiter! Hey I never thought of that one! I can totally see that!

Artemis said...

Never caught him on FNL; not much of a TV person. But oh la la, he was a hit as Gambit in X-Men. He needs his own movie!

Lady D said...

Jessie Pavelka I could see, but he almost has too much of a good-boy thing going on. xD As for Lassiter, PERFECT!

Eden Summers said...


Yumm, yum yum yum.

Thanks ladies

Unknown said...

I didn't see him as Gambit yet! Damnit! Must get on that!

You're right, Lady D. Jessie has that polished look about him.