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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review: Truly Scrumptious by R.G. Alexander

Truly Scrumptious
by R.G. Alexander

I love menage books and the "more the merrier" attitude, I mean why have one gorgeous chef when you can have three? Quite literally one for each course! Also, if you got at it long term, that is three extra hands not only to bring you great orgasms but other important things like hang shelves, any heavy lifting (moving would be made soooo much easier!) and in the case of Truly Scrumptious, cooking as they are all master chefs. Ofcourse there is the down side of extra washing up and more dirty undies to pick up, but these guys are hot enough to keep you in a constant state of blis so you probably wouldn't even notice...

Sorry, I think I went off into a little bit of a fantasy there! So, back to the book, this was a short, sweet and sexy novella, the guys in it were every womans fantasy and the sex in it was hawt! There wasn't loads of it, there was really only a couple of scenes, but boy, those guys know how to put a chocolate mousse to good use! It also involve a little m/m although most the focus was on Truly, the main female character. This wasn't a HEA that involved all four of them, just Nate and Truly, this wasn't the more believable bit in the story for me. Everything still felt to superficial for me and yet they were declaring undying love, they hadn't even had sex without his buddies watching and joining in so I wasn't too convinced. But it was novella so there were constraints.

I would recommend this if you want a good and HAWT quick menage read. 

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