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Monday, 5 December 2011

ARC Review: Lawe's Justice by Lora Leigh

Lawe's Justice
by Lora Leigh
(Breeds # 26)

This might be one of the most anticipated Breeds releases and I can only say that the wait was well worth it! This is the best book in this series, by far, that we've gotten in a while. With some of the original magic that the Breeds were able to give us and with some great characters.

We first met Diane in Lion's Heat, she's Rachel's sister. She's also pretty kick ass and leads her own group of secret ops. I always though of her as a bit rough around the edges but in reality she's tough but very sweet. I liked her character a lot in this book. She shows a vulnerability but that doesn't make her stupid or take away from her take charge attitude.

Lawe is an amazing hero as well. I see a lot of Jonas in him, which might be because he's being groomed to be second in comand to the sneakiest Breed ever to be made. He's known Diane was his mate for a while but refused to accept the mating because of his past and the labs. He saw the horros that mates endured and swore that he would never do that to someone he cared for.

Of course he can only fight it for so long! When Diane puts herself in the lead while searching for a feral Breed that might hold the clues to Amber's cure (Jonas and Rachel's baby), then the big bad Breed that is Lawe has to claim her as his.

This book had a good romantic suspense feel to it. There was the main storyline and a few sub-plots as well. I especially want to see more about Gideon and I'm hoping they're able to turn him around. We also get to see more of what happened in the labs, which is always very tough to read and especially in this book.

A great part of this book was that I realized the story overlaps An Inconvenient Mate (Tied with a Bow). It was great to see another layer to that story as well since I loved that novella. And just as we see them again, we see plenty of Jonas and Rule in this book. Have I mentioned before how much I love Jonas?

And last but certainly not least, this is my favorite cover in the whole series. Love it! Just hot and romantic and the color is great! Great job.

I'm very happy as well that I didn't find any problems with the continuity of the story or any editing problems as I've seen lately with Ms. Leigh's books.

Great job Ms. Leigh, this book is bringing back my love for this series and I can't wait for more.

* ARC provided by Berkley

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Timitra said...

You lucky thing you I've been waiting for Lawe's story for a really looong time I'm glad to hear it is worth the wait. Thanks for the great review!!!

Sophia Rose said...

Great review! Look forward to when it comes out.


Unknown said...

Thanks girls! It's out tomorrow!!


Ing said...

Glad to hear that this one is back up to par! I've read every book but they've meh for me for awhile so it does my little heart good to read that this book is worth the wait.

Can't wait to see Lawe and Diane go at it!

Wonderful review.