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Sunday, 11 December 2011


Hola Maidens! I hope the weekend treated you right and if it didn't, don't fret! I have some yummy man candy here for your consumption. I bring you, Mateus Verdelho!!! You like?

Annie likes A LOT!

 What do you think? Are we liking the tattoos? 

In this last pic, I think he has too many. It kind of makes him look skinnier than usual. Is this just me? That first pic is my absolute fave so far of him. He looks good enough to eat!

Until next week, ladies!

Also, if you have suggestions on who should be the next Hottie of the Week, list them down in the comments section and I'll try to do them all if I get the chance. No promises, though :)


Lady D said...

It makes me want to lick all of his tattoos... and that nipple ring? Mmm. Bring more tatted guys to Hotties of the Week!!!! Yum!!!

Fictional Candy said...

*sigh* I love him. He is wonderful. He could even have more tattoos, in my opinion. All piercings and tattoos and full of bad boy alpha goodness. But he is smiling too much. He should scowl, so that we know he is a tortured soul who needs our love to help him realize there is still hope in the world.

Yep. I've lost it.

Unknown said...

More tatts? OKay, Lady D I'll see what I can do for you :D

LOL Smiling too much? Actually, you're right. I prefer him when he doesn't smile. All that rugged sexiness disappears when he smiles.

You haven't lost it. I have.

Myth said...

OMG my man, isnt he yummy. Where are the men that look like this because their not in my neck of the woods!!! Liz I agree with you, love how he's still sexy with that damn smile!

Fictional Candy said...

Actually, his last picture where he's smiling with his pants open (yeah, I'm sure I would be too...) - he reminds me of Matt Lanter (sp?) there... Liam from 90210. Yes, I'm in my mid 30s and I love 90210. :)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, he kinda does! Nice!

Every bit of Random said...

Yum, I love tattooed men!