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Friday, 2 December 2011

Review: Entangled in Darkness by Vivi Anna

Entangled in Darkness
by Vivi Anna
(Alluring Tales: Night Moves # 3)

Branlyn has stayed away from her home for fifteen years after the death of her parents. And during that time she's been having dreams about Thane.

When Thane finally tells her its time to come home she decides to be brave and face her past. Except there's more waiting for her home than just memories.

Who is really Thane and who is this Gregorian he swears to protect her from. Why does one come at dark and the other one during the day?

This story was a bit boring to me, I found myself skipping some. And since we are talking about spirits, then we only get dream or memory sex. So in that respect this has been the less erotic of this series. But at least the story makes sense, and it's short!

Did I already mention how much I love the covers in this series?

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Sophia Rose said...

Those are beautiful covers.

Short review for short book or just not much to say? teehee!

Unknown said...

A bit of both Sophia! It was a short story and can't say much without giving away the ending as well.