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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Review: Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews

Magic Gifts
(Kate Daniels # 5.5 )
by Ilona Andrews

Please note that this review is wrote with extreme prejudice, one; because it was free, and who doesn't automatically loooove a free book? And two; this is a Kate Daniel's book and we are complete fangirls! We actually let out an extremely uncool little shriek and did a little dance when we saw this, and the third and perhaps most important thing, Curran's in it. Naked. Nuff said.

Kate and Curran. There are no other two characters I love more.

The Beast Lord takes his mate, Kate to a lovely dinner. All goes well until an incident involving a necklace, two journeymen, some vampires and blood put their romantic dinner date to a grounding halt.

Two journeymen - a man and a woman who are romantically involved have their own dinner together. The man gives his girlfriend a gift. She opens the package to find a necklace. However, when she puts it on, the necklace becomes a noose and strangles her, snapping her head off. Her boyfriend screams and chaos ensues.

Kate and Curran do a little slicing and dicing to get the situation under control. The dead woman’s family marches in demanding to know what has happened, but as soon as her father touches the necklace, her mother steps in and snaps the necklace on to her son, a boy of only seven-years old.

Unsure of the reason why a parent would do that to their son when the same item killed her daughter moments ago, Kate and Curran have their newest case to solve.

On the way they get involved in a brawl with some vikings and encounter some evil undead. All in a day's work for Kate.

This was a great short story, fun and full of adventure and Kate and Curran were at their witty best. Anyone who is a fan of the Kate Daniel's series has got to get their hands on it. It is a quick read but well worth it. And who is this blonde chick with Raphael??? Must we wait so long for the next book? Bring on Gunmetal Magic! I'm so ready!

This book is FREE right now for a LIMITED TIME on Ilona Andrew's site
RUN! Don't walk!


Sophia Rose said...

Yah! I could just see how the mayhem ensues. Sounds like a good read.

Unknown said...

We are super excited for the next book!!!

Timitra said...

I downloaded it, haven't read anything by ilona yet, this will be a first for me.

Jen at Red Hot Books said...

This novella has been foaming at the mouth for Andrea's book. I'm sooo looking forward to Gunmetal Magic!!