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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Review: Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley

Pride Mates
by Jennifer Ashley
(Shifters Unbound # 1)

The premise of the supernatural community in this series is really interesting.  Shifters are out of the closet but they don't really live among humans.  They have communities that are separated, where they can live by their own rules and in a pack atmosphere.  And they are also collared.

That was the most interesting concept to me.  This collar actually controls the animal tendencies, prevents them from becoming violent, and ultimately humans feel safe around a collared shifter.  All pack shifters are required to wear it by law and can't be taken off.

So how do you explain that a collared, pack shifter is being accused of murdering his very human, and now very dead, girlfriend.  It is up to Kim Frasier to uncover what really happened and defend him.  She's a lawyer and this is her big break case.  And if it takes her getting cozy with a strong shifter to get the help she needs, then she's the girl for the job.

But let me tell you about Liam.  In fact, let me tell you about the Morrissey family.  Sexy irish accents, roguish bad boy good looks and behavior, and tons of sex appeal.  I want some of that!  Even though I really liked Liam, I am very curious about Sean.

The story was entertaining enough but even though the premise was original it fell just a bit flat to me.  But I can't wait to read Sean's story so I'm hurrying along with these.

The last thing I feel worth mentioning is that I read this story on audio.  Even tough the narrators voice is ok I just feel she didn't deliver the characters emotions and personalities correctly, so this affected my review as well.  I will be getting an ebook for the next one!

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Sophia Rose said...

That does sound different. I haven't read these. Thanks for the share!

Mary Kirkland said...

Audio books just don't do it for me. I read this book and the book that comes after and loved both of them.

Unknown said...

I've read them and can't wait for the next book in the series! I really enjoyed them but I don't know if it would make it onto my list of favourites....
Great review.

Timitra said...

This sounds really interesting, haven't a shifter story with that spin yet!!!

Brenda Demko said...

I have the paperback. I don't know if that makes a difference, because I've never tried audio, but I enjoyed it and Primal Bonds which was the next book in the series. They are not my all time favorites by no means, but I enjoyed them. I'd say they are worth reading!

miki said...

It's an original idea, i saw this book as a prize for a giveaway so i wanted to learn more about it
Your review decided me, i will try it ^^

thanks you a lot

bas1chs said...

Oh I hate it when I really want to like a book but the audio/voice just doesn't do it justice. But I'm glad to see it's worth it maybe in pb or ebook. Thanks for the review.

Filia Oktarina said...

This book sound interesting, love story about shifter :)

Gadget Girls Reviews said...

Ive never tried an audio book but i can imagine if read wrong you loose the flow that you would have in your own head.
Great review it definitely seems quite original !

Fedora said...

This one's on my TBR in print--I haven't tried an audio book, but I no longer spend long enough commuting where that would make sense in the car :)