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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Review: Breaking Free by Cherise Sinclair

Breaking Free
(Masters of the Shadowlands # 3)
by Cherise Sinclair

I feel like I should be addressing Cherise with Master because she really is a master storyteller. Each book in her Masters of the Shadowlands series gets better than the one before.

In BREAKING FREE, Master Nolan, the darkly seductive contractor finds a lovely submissive in Beth.

However, after two years of being abused by her sadist husband, Klyer Stanton, Beth finds it difficult to trust someone completely and with good reason! Upon her skin, Beth wears the trauma that has been dealt her way. Scars mar her body and Master Nolan can’t help but feel for her.

Out of all the books so far, Beth had the most distance to travel emotionally. She has her BDSM kink and nothing will ever change that, but with the abuse she has endured, it takes a careful hand like Master Nolan’s to coax the scared little rabbit.

This book is by far my favourite in the series so far. Master Nolan is a great Dom who puts the needs of his sub first and is so attentive to her needs that he already knows what she is feeling before Beth does. There is one particular scene where even before Beth can call out “yellow”, the warning signal to slow down, Nolan is already pulling back before those words leave her lips. This is why Master Nolan is the best Dom so far. I absolutely adore him.

Cherise does a fantastic job of developing this unbreakable bond between Beth and Nolan. I think this is the best part of the book. It’s the fact that Beth learns to trust Nolan in slow increments that makes this book so damn good! As you read, you can sense the subtle changes in Beth, how she learns to control her anxiety and fears, how she and Nolan talk about their relationship and feelings. I felt like I was watching Beth bloom into something beautiful and strong. Nolan was the main reason for that change.

There is also the added suspense subplot that picked up the pacing of this story and really made this story go from good to great! I always love some suspense with my BDSM reads and Cherise really delivers.

I’m reading LEAN ON ME next, which is Cullen’s story! It’s about time, I say.

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