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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Review: Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis

(More like a 3.75 flaming feathers)

Animal Magnetism
(Animal # 1)
by Jill Shalvis

Brady Miller is a man of simple joys. He likes things easy. He never stays long enough in a town where connections could be made. He never lets anyone into his life long enough to truly care about him. Life in the military has made him a hardened man.

But when animal-loving Lilah Young crashes into his life, Brady can’t help but take notice of her. Their chemistry is undeniable and neither one of them is able to stop thinking of the other and let it go. Instead, Brady agrees to stay a month with Dell and Adam, his foster brothers and good friends with Lilah until he can fix their helicopter that needs a good upgrade.

While I instantly loved Jill Shalvis’s writing style, I did not feel the urgency to blaze through this book like I thought I did. Animal Magnetism is a quick and easy read, one that will make you laugh out loud and make you grin like a silly child. But apart from the dynamite dialogue and amazing characterization, I didn’t feel like that plot progressed as much as I liked.

For most of the book, there is that lingering fact that Brady will be leaving in a month and while Lilah and Brady seem be developing a relationship rather than a no-string-attached agreement on sex, I still wished there was something more to it than just that.

I’m interested in checking out Animal Attraction, hoping that my love for the characters overrides any lingering feelings I had for this one.


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Sophia Rose said...

Hmm, I was not aware of this book, but it looks like something that would do nicely when I'm wanting a change of pace and genre from the usual.

Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

It's another nice series by Shalvis! I need to get my hands on the next one to see what happens.