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Sunday, 11 December 2011

ARC Review: Unwrapped by Cari Quinn

by Cari Quinn

Caity has finally decided to get rid of her virginity, at the age of 25 she feels she has been a virgin for long enough. The only thins left to decide is who is going to do the deed, Matt or Tristan, her two best friends, flat mates and partners in their business. However, she walks in on them in bed together and thinks it will now never happen, however the boys have something different in mind entirely.

Some things about this book drove me crazy-with-lust and other things just made me plain ol' crazy. The threesome parts I love, two seriously sexy, hung like a horse guys getting into her and each other, where literally anything goes was so hot and Cari Quinn writes it really well. It was kinky and knicker wettingly hawt whilst also being intimate the characters have a great connection with each other. I loved the guys as well, Tris and Matt were both sexy and sweet in different ways and I liked that it showed the struggle of them telling their families that not only are they in a triad, but that they are bi as well.

However, Cait, man she annoyed me! I understand her reluctance with the coming out as a threesome, even if it did annoy me, I mean it does make for an awkward discussion with your family and friends as it isn't the more socially acceptable relationship. What bugged me most about her was her attitude towards her family, thinking she was better then them and didn't want to "waste" her life like they had theirs. Grrrrr, she does get called on it, which made me feel better, but it stopped me from liking her.

But this was a good and HOT read with a satisfying HEA and two delicious guys who know the best use for their tongue!

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lisagkendall said...

Thanks for the honest assessment of Cait. I'm looking forward to this read.