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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review: Kidnapped for Christmas by Evangeline Anderson

Kidnapped for Christmas
by Evangeline Anderson

I know what I want for Christmas this year and certainly isn't socks! We Kidnap U is a company bonded for Bondage, who kidnap you (at your request!) and then carry out your fantasy. For Jillian this experience becomes an actual kidnapping when Master Kyle mistakes her for her scatterbrained sister and 'naps her and starts carrying out deliciously dirty bondage scenes, which sensible Jillian relalizes might just be her fantasies after all...!

This book was waaay hot, I loved it, it had some of my favourite things; a hot muscular man, a bit of bondage, duurty talking, spanking 'cos she was a very naughty girl and also had a little humour in it to. What more could I ask for? It wasn't a deep book and didn't delve into any complicated relationship stuff but it was a fun read that had we all squirmy but smiling at the same time!

So if you are looking for a quick light bondage read give it a spin!

Fave Quotes:

"I mean, just think of it—you’re walking along down the street at any hour of the day or night—you never know when it’s going to happen—and suddenly you’re grabbed by this huge, menacing man, blindfolded, handcuffed and shoved into a van. Then they take you back to their lair and do all kinds of things to you—but only the things you specified on the form,” she added hastily. “What could go wrong?”


Kyle frowned. “You don’t have to apologize for not having the anatomy of a toothpick, sweetheart. After all, who wants to be with a bag of bones?”

“Are you for real?” She opened her dark eyes wide. “Where have you been living lately—in fat girl fantasyland?”

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Sophia Rose said...

Loved those quotes! Yeah, what could go wrong? Always good for a Murphy's Law moment.

Sounds like a fun read with the mistaken identity bit.

lisagkendall said...

I agree those are great quotes. Thanks.