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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

The Immortal Highlander
(Highlander # 6)
by Karen Marie Moning

Stripped from his Fae powers and forced to live in the human world, Adam Black has never felt so vulnerable in his entire existence. With only the ability to sift in short distances and invisible to all humans and fae alike, his punishment from Aoibheal is one of pure torture. It isn’t until he realizes that only one other person can see him that he has some hope to become the immortal once again.

Gabrielle O’Callaghan is a woman who possesses a rare ability to see both realms: mortal and Faery. Plagued with this burden her entire life, Gabby finds herself hating the Fae and even more, hating her undeniable attraction for them.

When Adam seeks Gabby out to ask her to help him find his son Circenn in order to bring him back to face Aoibheal, sparks fly and the chemistry sizzles as Gabby tries to resist Adam’s charms. The Immortal Highlander is a fascinating, well-written story that questions if a Fae prince without a soul can give up his entire heart for a mere mortal.

Moning crafts amazingly well-paced stories in this series, but I have to say that the Immortal Highlander may be my favourite of the bunch. Though Adam Black can be seen as the bad guy, there is just something so darkly alluring about the bad ones that you can’t help but love. Black is no exception. He is enchanting, compelling, passionate and downright sexy.

Familiar faces are bought back into this book. The MacKelter twins, Drustan and Daegus and their wives Gwen and Chloe make appearances that make a reader like me grin from ear-to-ear. With such memorable characters with distinct personality traits and quirks, Moning makes me wish I were able to travel into their world and experience the magic myself.

With one last Highlander book left for me to read, I am a little saddened to know that the end is near. I’ve fallen hard for all the books in the series. Bringing sexual tension in spades, Moning certainly knows how to do a romance right. I just hope that she’ll one day return to this time and bring us more highlander heroes to die for.
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The_Book_Queen said...

*sigh* I love this series! And I can remember the day that I finally finished the last book in the series--I think I cried, knowing that there would not be another to pick up! :(

I hope she writes more as well--perhaps we should start a petition! LOL.

Until then, I think it's time for me to do a bit of re-reading... :)


Jen at Red Hot Books said...

These books are still my favorite Highlander books ever!! Och! So verra, verra sexy.

Shelly said...

Love to read highlander stories. This sounds like an awesome series and is already on my to buy list. Enjoyed the review.

Timitra said...

Me too I love this series, I love anything Karen Marie Moning writes...can't go wrong with reading anything of hers in my opinion!!!

Anonymous said...

At the earlier books Adam annoyed/pissed me off but by the end of this I ended up loving this trouble making fae.

Like you, I wish KMM would return to this series. I loved all those Highlanders.