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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

UTC Insider: March 2012

If you've been following us for a little while you may be aware that all of us at UTC are a wee bit obsessed with the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  In a maybe stalkerish sorta way.  And finally in March we get our long awaited yearly fix.  Yes, the rest of the world will cease to exist for us from the moment Lover Reborn is released and we will probably sleep, eat and breathe Tohr for however many hours it takes to finish it.

Author of the Month
To share our excitement with all of you, we have decided to make the extremely talented J.R. Ward our author of the month.  Even though we cannot bring you an actual interview with her we will have plenty of little BDB surprises throughout the month.

Author Appearances
We have a month packed full of awesome authors!  Some of the hottest releases for the month of March will be making an appearance at UTC.  Here's who you can expect to see:

Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop
We are kicking off the Sinful Sirens Giveaway Hop sign ups.  We are hosting this giveaway hop with the lovely ladies at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews to heat things up this summer.  Bloggers and authors are welcomed to join!  Click here to add your site to the list.

Reading on the Dark Side
We had to do it.  And we had a great time putting this together.  Our special feature this month will be all about the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Fans and newbies alike, we guarantee you will fall in love with the brothers.  This will come closer to the release date.

Battle of the Covers
We are going back to USA vs UK!  Who will win?  Yes, this one is for the Black Dagger Brotherhood as well!

Hottie of the Week
We will be featuring our second Hottie of the Week interview this month, so be sure to watch out for our Moanday posts so you don't miss it. ;)


jfort357 said...

March is gonna be fun!!! Luv me some J.R. Ward!!! Can't wait for Tohr's book to come out on the 27th!!! ;-)

Patti P said...

I absolutely love the BDB!!!

Timitra said...

March is looking mighty fine...can't wait to read all the posts!!!!

Sophia Rose said...

I'm a BDB virgin so I look forward to this month long intro. I just bought the first three books.

All the other authors are pretty great too! Lucky March!