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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review: The Devil of Jedburgh by Claire Robyns

3.5 Feathers
The Devil of Jedburgh
by Claire Robyns

The beautiful Breghan McAllen has been having nightmare about the Devil of Jedburgh since she was a child, so when she finds out she is to wed him, she finds herself giving serious consideration to running away. But, whilst on a long ride she unknowingly runs into him. Arran, Devil of Jedburgh needs a wife, a sturdy wife who will bear him sons and daughters without imperiling their lifes. Breghan, however, with her slender beauty isn't what he is looking for despite the raging desire and the growing respect he has for her fiery nature. Instead they agree to a handfasting for a year and a day, but will either of them be able to walk away once the year is out?

Another book with a verra sexy yet troubled Laird, I can't get enough of 'em! This was an entertaining read, although it wasn't something that WOWed me. Arran, although he did annoy me by being too overbearing at times, was pretty swoonworthy, and Bree, again, although she had a few moments that peeved me, was a likable character. The romance between them was surprisingly sweet, but they were still had plenty of sexual chemistry going on and the sex scenes were hot.

Also mentioned quite frequently in this books were the politics of the time. Although I do like the book to have a sense and feel of the time it is set in, it didn't seem necessary to add that level of detail and to involve the characters as much as it did, perhaps I wouldn't have felt this way if the way the political climate was explained wasn't quite so dry, it was all long conversations inwhich I felt my eyes start to glaze over until it got back to the Bree and Arran parts.

But, this book also had a secondary romance! I love secondary romances, although it didn't get very much page time, it still made an impression and their HEA was important to me as well.

A good read, especially if you like Scottish romances and sexy arrogant Lairds, however, it isn't a book that sticks out for me in this genre. 

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Timitra said...

I love Scottish romances!!!

Shelly said...

Always enjoy reading stories with "Scottish lairds". Sounds like a good story. Thanks for the review.