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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review: Seduction of a Highland Lass by Maya Banks

Seduction of  Highland Lass
by Maya Banks
McCabe Trilogy #2

In the simplest words possible....I loved this book!

Seduction of a Highland Lass is the second book of the McCabe trilogy by Maya Banks and while I loved and gave 5 stars to In Bed with a Highlander, this book tops it with its passionately fierce love story.

This is Alaric McCabe’s story. Having not read the blurb for this one before opening it up and reading it, I still thought Alaric’s heroine would be Rionna, McDonald’s warrior daughter as was mentioned in the first book. However, upon reading a few chapters of this book, it was clear that Banks had someone else in mind for Alaric. And wow, what a great match it is!

From what I could remember of Alaric in the first book, he was a fierce warrior, willing to give up his own happiness for the good of his clan and brothers. He is betrothed to Rionna McDonald of a neighbouring clan in an effort to gain alliance against Cameron. Alaric is both honourable and loyal, two important characters that every highland warrior should have and I fell hard for him. He was simply too good to be true. I had no idea how sweet he could be. When he's en route to McDonald’s land and is attacked, his horse brings him injured and dying to Keely’s front steps.

Keely is a healer who lives alone in a small house after being banished by the McDonald clan. You find out the reason why she was banished later on in the book and it is tragic. Keely is a strong, smart woman who doesn’t allow the likes of Alaric or his brothers to intimidate her. I absolutely loved her tenacity and willingness to put her foot down when things got rough. The heroines in this series keep their men on their toes.

Alaric and Keely’s romance is dynamite. There has never been a more passionate love than theirs. Though Alaric is set to marry another woman, both of them are unwilling to deny their blooming affections for one another. And so they indulge, and it’s really one of the best things I’ve read in awhile.

However, there is a time for goodbye and it broke my heart to read some of these pages. Highlander romance fans will not want to miss this epic love story. It’s simply too good to pass up.


Jacquelynne said...

WOW! What a fantastic romance, and review! I have been looking for a new romance series to get into and I think I may have found it! :) Fantastic review!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jacquelynne! I loved this one! Hope you enjoy Alaric as much as I did!!!

Ntzee said...
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Ntzee said...

Love the McCabe series!!! I think this book and the third book is the best!!...some parts in the book made me cry! lol =)

Timitra said...

Great review Ann!!! I will definitely check out this series!!!

Shelly said...

ooh this series is already on my to buy list. Really enjoy Maya's books. Can't wait to read this book.

Catherine Lee said...

Hot cover. Great review.

Sophia Rose said...

Sounds awesome! I must read this series! Thanks for sharing your review!

Alexa said...

I can't wait to read this series because I have heard nothing but good things.

Thanks for another great review and I'm so glad you are finding stuff in this series that has captured your attention.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! I'm kinda bummed I have to wait long to read the next book in the series. Though I am glad she's continuing with it! I'm sure it will be great!


Unknown said...

Great!! another one for my TBL or wish list, I hoping they have this on audio.
Thanks again for the great reviews.