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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Review: Liberty for Paul by Rose Gordon

Liberty for Paul
by Rose Gordon
Scandalous Sisters #2
2.5 Feathers

For Librety Banks and Paul Grimes it is hate at first sight. Liberty thinks Paul is a bore and a cad, and is determined to get revenge on him for, through no fault of his own, seeing her in a state of undress. However, her plans of revenge goes awry when she is caught by her mother, father and loud mouthed butler being chased around the room by a angry naked Paul after she has stolen all his clothers whilst he was in the bath. It wasn't the greatest start to their inevitable marriage. After disappointing her father with her antics though, Liberty is determined to be a good wife and not disappoint him again, no matter how infuriating her new husband is.

Before I start the review I have to mention the BEST name I have heard for a penis I have heard in a while...LOVE MUSKET.

But although this book did have a few humourous moments and it was an okay read I had a few problems with both the heroine and the hero, Liberty and Paul. Liberty I found I didn't really like, she was petty and vindictive through most the book, and although her history was explained and I did sympathize with her at times, I just didn't like her. Paul was okay, but as I didn't like Liberty and she treated him terribly I couldn't see why he fell in love with her, and he seemed a little bland.

But I did like certain aspects of the book, mainly the humour and I loved her meddling family so although I didn't necessarily enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, I would consider reading the others in the series. 


Timitra said...

Sounds like a really humourous read. I lol while reading the part about her being chased...her father must had a cow after seeing that.

Shelly said...

lol "love musket". Thanks for the review. Will have to check out this series.

Sophia Rose said...

It certainly does sound like one of those madcap style historical romances. I can see why you would find it tough to like. When I can't like one of the main characters, its hard not to have that sour the whole book.

Thanks for the review!