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Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: Corralled by Lorelei James

by Lorelei James
(Blacktop Cowboys # 1)

If you follow my reviews you may know of my cowboy obsession, mainly because of the wonderful author that is Lorelei James and her Rough Riders series.  So I've been wanting to start this series for a while but it keeps getting pushed back, probably due to time reasons.  Needless to say when I noticed that this bad boy was available on audiobook earlier this week I jumped on it and started it right away like a crack addict needing her next fix.

I knew this series was a bit different so I went in with an open mind and no expectations and was pleasantly surprised.   At first I could only say that I was soooo jealous of Lainie.  I mean, she's dating two hot cowboys at the same time!  That is until she gets caught, and they turn out to be old buddies.  But neither one of them want to give her up, so there's only option from there.  They can share her for the duration of Cowboy Christmas (an event, not actual Christmas).  Kyle is a bull rider, Hank is a bull fighter.  They will be traveling and hitting as many rodeos as they can and they are taking Lainie along with them for some extra spicy entertainment.

Note to self and others (since I'm listening to the audiobook) DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING. This book may give you ideas that can be dangerous while driving and may cause swerving, sudden breaking and missed lights.  In one word:  HAWT!  There was a bit of romance building up in the middle of all that hotness as well.

I actually liked this first book more than I liked the first book of the Rough Riders series, so I'm hoping for bigger and more promising things to come!   I can't wait to get caught up!!  Bring on the sexy cowboys ;)

Favorite Quotes:
"You bring out my untamed side." 
"Show me."

"Darlin' that was the wrong thing to say. You'll take whatever we decide to dish out. Now, strip!"

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Shelly said...

Really enjoy her stories. This sounds like another awesome series. It's on my to buy list. Like the quotes. Thanks for the review.

Timitra said...

I love this series!!!! Francesca you're in for a treat the books keep getting better and better, at least in my opinion, my fav so far in the series is Wrangled and Tangled...love Renner and Tierney!!!

jen said...

I look forward to reading this, but am a little sticker shocked to see an $11.99 price tag for the Kindle version - YIKES! :p