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Monday, 13 February 2012

Review: Serendipity by Carly Phillips

3.5 Feathers
by Carly Phillips
(Serendipity # 1)

If you like small town contemporaries, this one is a good start to a new series.  I felt like comparing it to the Tumble Creek series by Victoria Dahl (even though I liked that series better than this one book). 

Ethan was the bad boy in high school, who came from the wrong side of the tracks.  After the death of both his parents he left town.  Left behind his two brothers as well.  He went on to the military and is now a very successful military weapons designer with his own company and lots of money.  So it's now time for him to go back to Serendipity to make ammends with his brothers for leaving them the way he did.

He happens to buy the house that he always wanted.  Faith Harrington's childhood home.  Faith was the beautiful cheerleader that he always had a crush on.  Now her father is in a big mess because of bad business decisions and the house is for sale.

Faith had also left town, gotten married, and later on went through a bad divorce.  She is back in Serendipity to start over.  Not as the rich girl but a normal person.  She wants to be seen as herself not her father's daughter.

Fate puts them back together and both their youth crushes come rushing back, now with their positions reversed.

But there's a curve ball.  A long lost half sister comes out of nowhere and is dropped on Ethan's doorstep.  None of the brothers knew of her existence and I thought the whole situation was a bit unrealistic how she was just dropped off and then how their relationship was handled at the beginning.

It will be interesting to see how his relationship with his brothers develops.  What Ethan did abandoning them was not right and I think he should make up a bit more to them for that.  But I can't wait to read the other brothers stories!

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DiDi said...

I love this series and can't wait for KARMA. Of course, I am a Carly Phillips fanatic, have been forever =)

Unknown said...

:) I can't wait to read the next one, although I'm upset it's not on audio yet. However, I have to hurry up and read it 'cuz I have KARMA waiting to be read.


Sophia Rose said...

I keep looking at this one, but haven't picked it up yet.

I appreciated reading your thoughts on it. Thanks!

Shelly said...

Enjoy her books. This one is on my wish list.

Unknown said...

This was a pretty enjoyable read, I always like small town stories and this one was also a bit fun. :) Hope you enjoy it as well!


Timitra said...

I have this series on my wishlist as well...looking forward to reading it!!!