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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Review: Twice Tempted by a Rogue by Tessa Dare

Twice Tempted by a Rogue
by Tessa Dare
Stud Club #2

Rhys, Lord Ashworth, has decided to go back to his childhood home despite all the violent ghosts of this past that live there. After having a hellish childhood he has tried most his life to find ways to die, but with no success, he joined the army and charged headlong into every fight, but always he survives where other men die. Now he is back and determined to build something and equally determined to have Meredith Maddox, the owner of the Inn, the only source of income on his lands, as his wife.

This was a really good book and I enjoyed it a little more then I did the first in this series One Dance with a Duke, I think this was because I preferred the characters of Rhys and Merry. I am a little bit of a sucker for a tortured hero, and Rhys definitely fit the bill with his heartbreaking childhood, self loathing and pinch of violence. And Merry, she was a stong female character and I liked that she didn't give into Rhys straight away.

This also had a small secondary romance as well! I love a book that has a secondary romance! But, I was a little disappointed that we didn't see Amelia and Spencer from the first book, I like to check in with previous HEAs make sure that all is well in paradise.

This was another great read in this trilogy, I don't think this is going to be on my favourite books list, but it is worth reading if you want some quality historical romance.


Shelly said...

ooh I enjoy reading about a tortured hero as well. This sounds like a good story. Adding to my wish list. Thanks for the review.

Paperback Dolls said...

Oh! This is one of my most recommended series! I'm sorry you aren't enjoying it as much, though. :( I'll have to go read your review of One Dance with a Duke, because that one was my favorite.

Timitra said...

Sounds good, I like a tortured hero too...thanks Suz for the heads up!!