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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review: Hot Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones

Hot Secrets
by Lisa Renee Jones
3.5 Feathers

Lauren Reynolds is an assistant DA and is working on a big case and keeps receiving disturbing phonecalls but shrugs it off as part of the job, despite the gut feeling that these may be more dangerous then she wants them to be. Royce Walker has secretly been hired by Lauren's father to check out any threats against her. He doesn't count on the sizzling attraction between them that soons deepens in to more, but he has a choice to make, keep lying to Lauren to keep her safe or risk everything and tell her the truth.

Every woman needs a man like Royce Walker, he was damn near perfect, talk dark and sexy, skilled in the bedroom and sensitive to Lauren's needs, emotionally as well as physically he seemed to be able to read Lauren's mind! He was sickenenly perfect, all other men now pale in comparison! Lauren was also good, sensible and sweet and I really felt for her as she had the family from hell, the wicked step mother, the creepy step brother and the uncaring father, I thought the way she went after her dreams despite pressure from them was admirable.

The romance betwee Lauren and Royce was hot, you could feel their mutual attraction from page one, I got a little eye rolley when Royce always does the right thing, he didn't quite seem real, no guy, in fact nobody is quite that perfect. The romance element of the story did eclipse the suspense side quite a bit, I didn't really feel an sense of danger and urgency as I was supposed to, but the continuing threats did keep the book moving at a fairly fast pace and although I had half guessed the person behind the threats it was still interesting enough to keep me reading.

I will definietly read more of this series, there are two more sexy Walker brothers to get through and I will be interested in seeing their happily ever afters.


Timitra said...

Hot Secrets sounds like a page/ereader scorcher!!! Thanks for the heads up Suz!!!

Shelly said...

Enjoyed the review. Have read this author before and really liked her writing style. Sounds like a good read.

erin said...

Thanks for the review! This book sounds very *hawt*. Gotta go check it out ;)