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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review: Playing with Fire by Katie MacAlister

Playing with Fire
by Katie MacAlister
(Silver Dragons # 1)

If you like your paranormal romance with a good dose of intrigue but a heap of a lot of fun, then you HAVE to read the dragon books by Katie MacAlister.  I do want to point something out.  This is book one of the Silver Dragons, however the first series you should read is Aisling Grey, then you can move on to the Silver Dragons.  This will help you best enjoy the plot.

Now that being said I will spend a little bit of time on the main couple here.  The Wyvern of the silver dragons, Gabriel, is a model looking, sexy and smooth as hell, dreadlocks wearing hunk of a man.  He is also a healer.  We first met him in the Aisling Grey series where he might've done something to not endear him to some of us.  However it's now his turn to find a mate.

Of course, these wyverns can't find normal mates.  There always have to be something special about them.  May is a doppleganger, but she is also in the service of a Demon Lord as a, well, thief.  Because she has the ability to shadow walk he assigns her the task of stealing for him an ancient dragon relic.

Gabriel and May make an amazing couple and I like them better than Drake and Aisling.  They're so hot together they will burn down the house!  Ummmm I meant that literally.  Dragon fire can be quite dangerous, so proceed with caution. ;)

Silver dragons, black dragons, green dragons, demon lords, everyone seems to be after this artifact.  While May is trying to follow her orders, and deal with her new mate, she might have to avoid capture by the supernatural authorities.  And then we come to my favorite part of this book.

Let me introduce you to this little guy right here.  His name is Jim!  He's not really a dog, even though that's the form he prefers, he's a demon.  He's bound to Aisling but he's oh so very present in this book as well.  For this I am most grateful.  This series wouldn't be the same without him!!  This is the guy that will have you cracking up with his one-liners.  You will love him!

Be warned there's a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this book, no HEA.  Their HEA, as it was with Aisling, is over the course of their series.  There are only 3 books in the silver dragons, so I won't have to wait much. ;)

Some of Jim's quotes:

"What's the silver dragon element? Earth?" Jim's face screwed up as it thought. 
"Ohh man, that means he's going to want to do it outdoors all the time. Buck naked in the wilderness!! My advice is to take sunscreen and bug spray and maybe a spatula or something, to dig the sand out of your butt crack in case he takes you to the beach." 
"Jim!!! I'm so sorry, it knows better than to offer unwanted sexual advice."

"You don't often get to see a wyvern claiming a mate. It's better than Skinemax. Is there going to be an encore? If there is, can you hold off until I make some popcorn?"

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Christina said...

I love the dragon series. I have to say the Silver dragon books have been my least favorite. Jim is a riot.

Lady D said...

I absolutely love her dragon series. As mentioned, Jim is totally my favorite, although I preferred Aisling as my heroine over May.

Timitra said...

I added both series to my wishlist...thanks Francesca!!!

Shelly said...

lol at Jim's quotes. Sounds like i'm adding two series to my to buy list. Enjoyed the review

Unknown said...

Jim is amazing everyone!!!! You have to read about him, forget the dragons and wyverns and heroines and stories, it's all about Jim! LOL

@Lady D, Aisling was getting a bit on my nerves by the end of her series, which might be why I didn't mind May too much in this one. Even though I still resent Gabriel.


Barbara said...

GREAT review...I'm adding the dragons to my TBR!