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Friday, 10 February 2012

Review: Ruthless by Anne Stuart

by Anne Stuart
(House of Rohan # 1)

The House of Rohan series starts off not how I expected. I thought it would be light and fluffy, and it ends up being actually pretty dark and gritty. I really liked that about it. So it's a surprise in a very good way.

Francis Rohan is the King of Hell. He is a man of many titles, who now lives in France. He is a wanted man in his homeland of England. He is the leader, you could say, of the Heavenly Host. These are parties the rich and upper class attend where they can experience all their kinky fantasies.

I actually liked his character. Does that make me bad? He is not ashamed of who he is, and is very upfront about it. With an air of danger and sexuality around him, you can't help but have naughty thoughts even as you're appalled by his behavior.

At his age, he has seen everything, experienced everything, had everything, and is quite uninterested in life and people.

But along comes Elinor Harriman. She ends up in front of him while looking for her mother. And she captivates him from that moment. Not the typical beauty, but the the backbone of her family; strong and smart mouthed.

She was an interesting character to read about, with her internal struggles of what's right and wrong; and how to deal with her own feelings. Always worried about her family and putting herself and her interests last.

This book also had a small side story with Rohan's buddy Charles Reading. I liked him a lot even with the scar on his face he manages to present himself as a very sexy man and I'm just upset we got a little cheated on his story.

What I didn't like? The ending!!! It was almost as if the author ran out of pages to finish the story and had to hurry it up. Other than that, I found this story very entertaining, the bickering between Rohan and Elinor is great. He is truly wicked, but oh so sensual!

I can't wait to read more on this series! 

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Shelly said...

It always makes me wonder why the author would end a story like that. Why wouldn't they just make it a little longer. This story still sounds like a good read. Thanks for the review.

Unknown said...

This is truly a great series Shelly!!


Timitra said...

This book sounds good despite the ending issues!!!!

Timitra said...

Oooops forgot to add I'll be adding it to my wishlist!!!

Sophia Rose said...

I wondered about this one and would have never guessed it for a dark and gritty. I like those too. Thanks for sharing your review!