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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review: The Perfect Rake by Anne Gracie

The Perfect Rake
by Anne Gracie
The Merridew Sisters #1
4.5 Feathers

Prudence Merridew and her beautiful sisters have runaway from her evil Grandfather. After seeing her youngest sister, Grace, being beaten by her Grandfather, Prudence knows they have to escape. Pulling off a massive deception they run to London to stay with their Great-Uncle and hope to find husbands so they can be forever be out of the influence of their Grandfather. But Prudence tells one lie too many and manages to become betrothed to the charming rake Gideon, Lord Calladice.

I think I must be in the Plain Jane mood, this is the second book I have read like this, one sister completely different in looks from her blonde and slender sisters! But I love it. If anyone knows more of these kind of books, don't hesitate in letting me know!

I think Gideon may be the perfect man. I LOVED him, I don't know how Prudence resisted him. Here is a list of Why I Love Gideon:

1. Despite Prue being the "plain" one he only sees her as beautiful and is truely bewildered when people say her sisters are the gorgeous ones, he just doesn't see it.

2. He falls in love with Prudence first and isn't afriad to admit it and pursue her.

3. He is a rake, but rather then being a dark brooding *yawn* tortured rake, he is fairly light hearted and just enough wicked to keep it interesting

4. He is adorable with 10 year old Grace, the youngest Merridew sister and takes a good, and well deserved, kick in the shins from her without complaint.

5. Did I mention he was hawt?

I liked Prudence as well, although Gideon did kind of steal the show for me, what was good was that rather then the hero being the tortured one, she was, some truely terrible things had happened to her but she moves on and does her best for her sisters.

A fantastic read, which I am sure I will reread at some point. I definitely recommend it!


Timitra said...

Great review Suz!!! I'm definitely adding this to my ridiculously long wishilst!!!!

lisagkendall said...

I'm sold on Gideon. Thanks! lisagk

Shelly said...

Enjoyed the review. This sounds like a good story. Adding to my wish list. Love adding new authors to my list.