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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review: Love Me Forever by Johanna Lindsey

Love me Forever
by Johanna Lindsey
Sherring Cross #2

There are two reasons that I am pleased I have read this, one, because I haven't read any Johanna Lindsey in a while and it was nice to come back to her and two, it was number 21 on my to-read list! Which means that it has been on my reading list for ages if you have seen the size of my to-read shelf! So, double whammy!

This is the second in the Sherring Cross series, although it can be read as a standalone, the main characters from Man of My Dreams are in this alot, but you don't need to have read that book to understand or enjoy this one. Lachlan MacGregor is all the S's, Sexy, Scottish and unfortunately for him Skint, the only way out of his predicament is to marry a rich bride. Kimberley Richards needs to marry fast so she can leave her fathers house, the only requirement her indifferent father has is that he isn't Scottish...

I can never resist a Highlander, and Lachlan was no different, it helped that he was also big *drool* and brawny *grabs tissue for the drool* with a wicked sense of humour *screw the tissue, get me a bucket* so I liked this book straight away, but what I also thought was fantastic was Kimberley, she was funny and not afraid to stand up for herself. I like a book with a great hero but I love a book when you can also like the heroine.

The story was pretty standard historical fare, she didn't think he loved her, but they have to marry anyway, but ofcourse everyone but the heroine knows that's bull, but I found the whole book really entertaining and I am glad I have revived my love for Johanna Lindsey.


Timitra said...

I haven't read any Johanna Lindsey books...I definitely need to start reading them Love Me Forever sounds really good!!!

Dalene @ A Date with a Book said...

I love Johanna Lindsey!! I will definitely have to check this one out. Thanks for the review!

Shelly said...

Have always enjoyed her books. I have not read this series yet. Will be adding to my wish list.