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Thursday, 12 April 2012

ARC Review: Good at Being Bad by Cathryn Fox

Good at Being Bad
by Cathryn Fox
(Boys of Beachville # 1)

Do you have a thing for bad boys?  Well then you have to meet Mr. July!  Carter James is a local cop and somewhat of a town hero and he's been selected to be Mr. July for a charity calendar featuring local hunks.  Allison finally lands her dream position being in charge of the account to coordinate the calendar and marketing events for it.  But being in such close proximity to Mr. July's oil-slicked body was the last thing she needed.

They broke up a few months back because he was always the first to jump into trouble without a care for his image or his safety.  Allison always plays by the rules.  But Carter wants her back.  He's realized that she was it for him and there is nothing he won't resort to in order to get her back in his life and in his bed.

Talk about a hot and delicious hero!  Carter is sexy and funny, charming and caring, with just an extra dose of bad boy.  Really...who can resist?  This story ended all too soon but I enjoyed every bit that we got.  You could feel right away that there were still feelings there so it wasn't at all surprising to see them fall back in each others arms quickly.

With all the sexiness that I see around in this town, I can't wait to get their stories as well.  Make sure you don't miss it and read it!

*ARC provided by publisher


Filia Oktarina said...

Love story about bad boys!! This story look interesting, can't wait to read this book. Great review!!

Eli Yanti said...

bad boys is my fave type hero, lol

my fave bad boys is anthony malory from tender rebel =D

this book sounds ,thank for the review

Joanne said...

This book sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it to see what happens between Carter and Allison. I love me some bad boys!

Joanne B

erin said...

Thanks for a great review! Definitely going to go check this book out :)

Barbara said...

Great review...bad boys are my FAVE, so ya know I'm gonna have to check this series out LOL! ;)

bas1chs said...

I saw this book a few weeks ago and I wasn't sure if it would be different or not. So glad I found your review. This one is going on my TBR list!

Jen B. said...

Mr. July! Hey, my birthday is in July so it's like a little gift for me!

Timitra said...

This sounds really good...thanks Francesca!

books4me said...

YUM...love me some bad boys!!

Unknown said...

Bad boys are the best aren't they?

Hope you all enjoy it