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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Juliana Stone!

Maidens, today we have Juliana Stone, author of the Jaguar Warrior series. Juliana has a new series coming out called the League of Guardians. For more information on Juliana and her books, please visit her website here. Now please help us welcome Juliana to Under the Covers!
Juliana Stone
Thanks for stopping by Under the Covers today! Let’s get to know you better. Who is Juliana Stone? Tell us five interesting things about yourself that readers wouldn't know.

Glad to be here! All right this sounds like fun. Here are five things that I don’t think readers know about me.
1. I hate peas more than anything on this planet. Especially from the can. YUCK.
2. I’m by no means an artist, but I can draw/sketch the prettiest horse you’ve ever seen. As for people? They are sticks my friends.
3. I’ve fallen off stage before. Not my best moment, but there you have it. And yes, it was in front of hundreds of people.
4. I love hockey with a passion and favour the Philadelphia Flyers. I especially like the line that features the Ginger boys, Hartnell and Giroux.
5. I have danced on a few tables in my time. ‘nuff said!

Congratulations on your brand new series, The League of Guardians! Why did you decide to start a new series and how did the idea of this new series come to be?
Ah, this is an easy question really, as my Jaguar Warriors had always been planned to be three books. Jaxon, Jagger and Julian. But I had this character Declan that I loved dearly and when it came time to write his book, The Leauge was born.

I knew I wanted to keep the same type of world, where I have a lot of different supernatural creatures and everything just evolved from that idea and expanding into a world where the thin fabric that keeps us all safe is guarded by a bunch of supernatural superfriends….or enemies in some cases.

You release the prequel novella to your new series called WRONG SIDE OF HELL. Can you tell us a bit about this story?

Wrong Side of Hell is a stand alone novella that takes place before Wicked Road to Hell (Declan’s book) It’s just one snippet in time and revolves around a hellhound, Logan Winters who’s been ordered to retrieve a soul from the ‘grey realm’ which is purgatory. There’s a very small cameo from Declan and Ana near the end, but this first novella shows a bit more of Bill who runs the League and explains a bit of what the League is all about. The novella does leave a lot of questions hanging, and I plan to continue Logan and Kira’s story in the next novella (still untitled) which will be released in the fall.
The first book, WICKED ROAD TO HELL features Declan O'Hare and Ana DeLacrux whom we have seen in the last Jaguar Warriors books. What can readers expect to see in this latest book?

Well, Ana and Declan have always had a prickly relationship. He loves her. Has loved her for years and yet she’s never once returned those feelings though I think the readers know she’s had them all along.
This book has a lot of action, second chances at love, facing of fears and some very hot loving!

Declan is a great character. What would you say is his greatest strength? What would you say is his greatest weakness?

Declan’s greatest strength is his loyalty. He will go above and beyond and will do anything for those that he loves. His weakness? Ana…she’s always been the one thing that can destroy him.

How many books do you plan to have in this new series?

If the readers love them I’ll keep writing them! The next novella releases in the fall and King of the Damned, which is the next full length book releases in December. Readers can check out my website for further details on books in this series.

The next book to come out is called KING OF THE DAMNED. Can you tell us one little teaser about this book?

King of the Damned was an absolute pleasure to write. It’s about redemption and sacrifice. The main character is Azaiel, who if you remember was the evil entity in His Darkest Embrace. He has a lot more layers to him and it was fun stripping them away and writing a strong heroine who can handle him. I’ve excerpts posted on this book page, so feel free to read them!

What are some essential materials you require in order to write a book?

I’m a pantser, so really…just a clear vision of the characters and a beginning, middle and end. From there I just write.

Quick-fire questions!

Jaguars or sorcerers? Both of course!
plotter or panster? Pantser
sunrise or sunset? sunset
beach or mountain? mountain
coffee or tea? coffee
piercings or tattoos? tattoos
ebook or print book? Both, though I’m leaning toward E lately!
Thank you for answering our questions!

Juliana is graciously giving away winner's choice of ONE of her backlist titles from her Jaguar Warrior series.
Open internationally.
To enter, please:
1. Be a follower
2. Fill out the form below


Unknown said...

I love the pea comment. My brother, my sister and I used to get in so much trouble because we would eat everything else on our plate and leave the peas in a row. My dad would get so mad. lol

Vanessa N. said...

Great interview. Liked the 5 things read might not know about you. Can't wait read this series becase I love shifter stories.


Mary @SweepingMe said...

Great interview. I have siblings also and all we ever did was cause trouble. Everyone from the block would come to us to find something to do. It was great.


Di said...

Canned peas - made me think of elementary school cafeteria lunch - yuck! I imagine that an author who dances on table brings some fun into her stories!
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Diane D - Florida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diane D - Florida said...

I expect that I'm one of the few people that actually do like peas. Of course, they have to be the petite pois kind and frozen, none of that canned stuff for me.

I loved your interview, and although I haven't read anything by you yet, I'm now anxious to get started.

Thanks for this opportunity.

dpd333 (at) aol dot com

Tina B said...

Great interview! Sorry, Juliana, but I am still laughing at falling off the stage. Hope you weren't hurt!
This series sounds great.

Marlene Harris said...

I love the first book in the Guardians series. It would be terrific to catch up on the Jaguar Warriors!

Shelley B said...

Enjoyed the interview! If you like to sketch, you should play Draw Something. It's a hoot! I would love to read your book. Thanks!

Sophia Rose said...

I enjoyed learning about the new series and those rapid fire questions are fun.

Thanks for participating in the interview and for the giveaway opportunity!

Anonymous said...

I think I might have to relate the falling off the stage story...hmmmmm, we'll see!

Laurie said...

Thanks for the interview! It's great to learn more about an author. I have these on my TBR list, can't wait to start the Jaguar series! Thanks for the giveway!

Sheree said...

Why would people foist canned peas on kids is beyond me. Now, fresh peas from the farmer's market shucked by one's own hands, that's a treat!

Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said...

Thank you for the giveaway!! XOXO

GLORIA said...

can't wait to read this series!!

Timitra said...

I love peaks into author's minds...thanks ladies I thoroughly enjoyed the review!

mcv said...

Haven't read any of Juliana's work yet, but I'll correct that soon!
mcv111 at hotmail(dot)com

Jen B. said...

Peas are one of my favorite foods. I get it though because there are some things I just can't eat. BTW, I am with you on canned peas. I love that you took a character from one series and envisioned a new series. Authors are so creative. jepebATverizonDOTnet

catslady said...

lol I will eat any kind of peas!I can also sleep with one under my mattress! It sounds like a wonderful series.


Linda said...

Congrats on the new series!

Is there a right side to hell? =)

Savannah said...

I've read Wrong Side of Hell and LOVED it :) I just started WIcked road to hell! Juliana is a pretty new author to me but what I read of her work so far I'm very impressed :)

Susan W. said...

Peas, ick!!! My husband loves them, I hate them! I haven't read any of the Jaguar Warriors series, yet, and I've added them to my To Buy list. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!


Barbara E. said...

I enjoyed the interview and the chance to learn more about Juliana Stone's new series. I've been looking forward to starting her Jaguar Warriors series, so this is a great chance to get started.

Julianne said...

That was a very enjoyable interview. I like peas. That reminds of a show called The Princess and the Pea. Thanks for a chance to win your generous giveaway.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

lisagkendall said...

Great interview. I enjoyed reading about how the two writing careers work. I definitely agree with preferences for sunset, mountains, TATs. Thanks for the giveaway. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

Eli Yanti said...


i never read your book before but your books sound great, love the excerpt and interview :)

Lauren B said...

Great interview.
As a lecturer, falling of stage is one of my greatest fears.
Thanks for the great giveaway.

June M. said...

Loved the interview, especially the 5 things part. I guess I am in the minority, I love peas (actually I love most veggies, lol). I can't draw at all, well there are some little things I can draw that you can but not much. If I tried to draw people, they would definitely be stick figures.

Congrats on the new series. I have had the Jaguar series on my wishlist for a while so it is nice to know the new series shares the setting/world.

Proserpine said...

Hi! Thanks for this chance! This series sounds really good, I got the first book at home, but didn't get the chance to start it yet, I LOVE the book cover, so intense!!! Nice interview!


Filia Oktarina said...

Great interview! I never read this series, and this series sounds great.I can't wait to read this series!! Thanks for giveaway and making international!!

Unknown said...

thanks for the interview... cant wait for the new series ^^

sunshine_pinkystar at yahoo dot com

divavixenqueen said...

Great interview. Sounds like an amazing new series.

miki said...

thansk you a lot for this interview and giveaway

this serie seems interesting ^^

Barbara said...

FUN interview! My son HATES peas...but, I like 'em. :) Thx for the AWESOME giveaway op!

barbbattaglia @ yahoo.com

Gigi said...

OMG! I really reaaally want to read a book by Julianne Stone! I don't like peas either or celery! Thanks for the giveaway! ^^

wanda f said...

Great interview Julianne Stone is a new to me author I cant wait to read her work.Have a fantastic week

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

My hubby is one who really loves the baby peas, not me though!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the interview. Thanks. I have not read any in this series. I guess I need to start at the beginning.

rachel at thejeepdiva dot com

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I hate peas too! I get it from my mom.

Mary Preston said...

A fun interview. My daughter hates peas with a passion - it must be going around.

I've danced on a few tables in my time too.


Fedora said...

Great interview! And I love a good spin-off series--it makes it easier to see the end of one series, knowing there's more to come :) Thanks for the insight!