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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brotherhood Dress-Up: Shellan's Fashion EHLENA

Ehlena loves to help people. It’s in her blood. That is why her clothing consists mostly of her nurse uniform because she doesn’t have time for other things, including fashion.

I wonder if Rehv and Ehlena do a little role-playing? Doesn’t injured patient and hot nurse sound fun? I would volunteer to patch Rehv up anytime.

The UTC fashion police gives Ehlena a grade of B for getting Rehv to strip out of his sable fur duster and giving us girls something to swoon over.


Unknown said...

They probably do, Rhev plays sick while Ehlena examines him hahahaha! Nice one girls!

Sophia Rose said...

Too funny! The side comments are great even if her fashion is not.

Unknown said...

Thanks Braine! I wouldn't mind "examining" Rehv.

LOL Thanks Sophia Rose, glad you're enjoying the posts! :P


Timitra said...

I think they role play, I know if it was me there would definitely be role play going down.