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Monday, 30 April 2012

Author of the Month: Nalini Singh

When we first started our blog last May I clearly remember that Kiss of Snow was coming out at the end of that month and we kept thinking it would be amazing to be able to interview Nalini Singh on our blog one day.

Well a lot of things have happened since then!  And this month as we celebrate our one year blogoversary we are very happy to have as our Author of the Month, the one and only Nalini Singh.  She will be stopping by later this month for an interview with us. *cue squeeeee*

But that's not all!!!  Last month I was able to meet her at RT and got to hang out with her for a bit as well.  I don't think I have met a sweeter person ever, very energetic and very cute!

Her stories are emotional, riveting, unpredictable, action-packed and always very sensual.  If you haven't read her books yet, you are really missing out!

Psy-Changeling Series
1. Slave to Sensation
2. Visions of Heat
3. Caressed by Ice
3.5 Beat of Temptation
4. Mine to Possess
5. Hostage to Pleasure
6. Branded by Fire
7. Blaze of Memory
8. Bonds of Justice
9. Play of Passion
10. Kiss of Snow

Coming this month, we will be featuring the Psy-Changeling series as our Reading on the Dark Side feature.  We will have our casting, favorite quotes, character profiles and even buttons for the series.  Don't miss it!

Guild Hunter Series
1. Angel's Blood
2. Archangel's Kiss
3. Archangel's Consort
4. Archangel's Blade
4.5 Angels of Darkness
4.75 Angels' Flight

We will be featuring the Guild Hunter series this month in our Battle of the Covers USA vs UK!  Stay tuned for that, they are both good!

Ms. Singh was also part of a fairytale style series last year with Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe and Jessica Andersen.  Her book was the last one in the series:

Lord of the Abyss


miki said...

i've discovered her recently with the french translation of the psi changeling serie but now i absolutly adore these books

Unknown said...

OMG I adore Nalini. I met her briefly at the Lori Foster event last year and I have a pic of us together on my fan girl page on my blog. She is the nicest sweetest person ever.
I am currently reading Archangel's Consort. I just love her other Phy-Changeling series too.
Great choice for author of the month. I look forward to reading your posts.

erin said...

Awesome! Looking forward to the interview ;) I've only read the Guild Hunter's series. I just started acquiring the Psy Changeling series and I can't wait :)

Sophia Rose said...

I have several of her books in my TBR pile, but haven't gotten to them yet. *hangs head*

I look forward to all the posts and excitement.

Timitra said...

I haven't read anything by Nalini Singh but I do have her Guild Hunters series on my wishlist thanks to the great reviews posted by the UTC ladies...definitely looking forward to out more about this author and series!!!

Tina B said...

I have actually only read 1 book by her, which was Lord of the Abyss. I absolutely LOVED it! Why have I not read anymore??? Which series do you suggest I start with?

Unknown said...

Hey everyone! Whoever didn't start reading her stuff GET TO IT!!

@Michelle, she was really the sweetest, she even hung out with a group of us for a while at the bar! I just love her!!

@Tina, depends what you like most. Psy-Changeling is more of a straight PNR series, with shifters if you like that. Or Guild Hunter is a bit darker, a mix between UF and PNR (you could say a very sexy UF) and it's all about angels and some vampires. They are both awesome!


SacredmOOn said...

Wow! You're the luckiest girl ever. Who always gets to meet with all the top authors. I'm so jealous!
Great picture! :)
Nalini Singh has been on my tbr list. I hope to start the Guild Hunter Series soon.
DeAnna Schultz

JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Wow how awesome is that you got to meet and hang out with Nalini Singh. Love her books. She is auto buy for me. I can not wait for Tangle of Need to come out. Beautiful Picture!