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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brotherhood Dress-Up: Shellan's Fashion XHEX

If you asked Xhex about fashion, she would probably punch you in the face, kick you out of Iron Mask and tell you that she likes what she likes. End of. As long as she has her weapons handy and her cilices, then she has everything she needs.

Of course, sturdy boots and leather is always nice.

The UTC fashion police gives Xhex a grade of A+ for beating the seven shades of shit out of Lash. I’m sure we all wanted a chance at that mofo.


The Librarian said...

yeah! I love her .She's so badass. and dresses it too :D

Unknown said...

She IS badass! One of my fave shellans!


Unknown said...

Great post! And spot on with the pics. She's great!

Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said...

This is exactly how I pictured Xhex to dress!!! She is so kickass!! <3 her! ;)

Sophia Rose said...

These clothes are perfect for her. Good choices! Love the boots!

Unknown said...

Thanks TToria!!!

Hey Miz Vain, fancy seeing you here!

Those are some awesome boots! Love them too, Sophia Rose!


Timitra said...

I could never pull those boots off...love her badass style!