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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

iGotSwag Giveaway

Hello Maidens!!!  I have finished going through my bags of "stuff" that made it back home with me from RT and I have a bag of swag to give away!  

Laurie London
Sylvia Day
Pamela Palmer
JR Ward
Kristen Callihan
Kallypso Masters
Joey W. Hill
Emma Lang
Lexxie Couper
Dr. Ivan Rusilko
Jayne Rylon
Dani Harper
Louisa Edwards
Cat Johnson
Bianca D'Arc
Judi Fennell
Stephanie Julian
Virginia Kantra
and there might be more but I can't seem to go through it all

How will this work?  Simple, the only requirement to enter this giveaway is that you Like our Facebook Page.  Did that already?  Then just fill out the form below to be entered.  And yes, this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.

Winners will be picked at random times during the next four days until I run out of stuff!


Irene Jackson said...

Lovely swag!
Couldn't see if it is International,remove me if not :)
Irene Jackson

June M. said...

You have got some great authors there! Thank you so much for sharing your swag with those who could not attend RT!

nat_isabel said...

Same as IreneRJ, I am an international follower. So if it isn't INT. just remove my entry. (:

Have a good one.


Pal0z said...

Count me in if the giveaway is international, else count me out... *praying hard that it IS international

Susan T. said...

Sweet giveaway! Thanks.


jfort357 said...

I love Swag!!!! Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!!! :-)

Lisseth Torres said...

Thanks for the giveaway the swag is AWESOME!
Lisseth @read-a-holicz.blogspot.com

Suzie said...

You always have great giveaways and authors.

Sophia Rose said...

Yay! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm said...

Who doesn't love swag. It's a great way to find some new authors and add them to your TBR list. Thank you for the great giveaway.


Filia Oktarina said...

I love swag!! Happy to enter this contest. Thank you!!

fishgirl182 said...

i wish i could have gone to rt. thanks for the giveaway!

Lesley said...

Excellent swag!

Unknown said...

i like swag

thanks for the giveaway ^^

if its international, count me in