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Friday, 6 April 2012

Review: Dire Needs by Stephanie Tyler

Dire Needs
by StephanieTyler
(Eternal Wolf Clan # 1)

I am really enthralled by the Dires world.  The dires are basically werewolves but they are more.  Sexier, more alpha, more badass, more tortured.  Right up my alley!  Their job is to protect humans from werewolves and cover their tracks to keep their existence under cover.  They are immortal and lonely.  Oh and did I mention they have a sexy tattoo of their wolf?  Well, it's like a natural tattoo when they change their first time they wolf comes out.  Love that!

This book is all about Rifter.  He is the leader of the Dires.  He is at a point where he is almost ready to die.  Too bad they can't.  He goes into a bar to find a female shifter to spend the night with but ends up very attracted to a human female.  He normally doesn't go for humans, ever.  But Gwen is it for him tonight.  And she takes him up on his offer because she has actually just being given very little time to live.  Some rare disease that causes her to have seizures.

Gwen will come to play an important role in the Dire Pack dynamic when they find out who she is, but the chemistry between her and Rifter was off the charts great!

The Dires are now fighting against Seb, and I have to say I kind of really like this bad guy.  Something about him and his past that I just want to know more, know his motives, know what makes him tick.

Now onto my complaint, yes I have one.  Even though there's some action, there's romance and there are quite a few smexy scenes oozing alphaness, I feel this book suffered from a major case of First Book Syndrome.  There was a lot of information in the book that I thought at times was not needed.  Maybe it will be important info in the future but it overwhelmed this book.

The rest of the Dires are a very intriguing bunch, I really can't wait to read their stories.  I am kind of the most intrigued by Vice, and he seems like he has the most issues at times.  I look forward to reading more about him as the series goes on.

I really liked the whole process of the mating between Rifter and Gwen, it wasn't without emotion and a lot of drama around them, and towards the end of this book it was nonstop and had my full attention.

*ARC provided by publisher

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Maria D. said...

I have this book on my tbr and can't wait to read it

Unknown said...

Sexy wolves, what more do you want?


Sophia Rose said...

I put this one on my wish list the first time I heard about it.

Your review just affirmed my desire to read it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this review and your complaint. I love Stephanie Tyler's books and was waiting none to patiently for Dire Needs. It sounded like it had everything that I love in a shifter romance!!
I fell bad because I have been struggling to finish this book. And it isn't that it's a bad story, just the opposite, but I had to put it down and read something else. I wasn't sure if it was just me or something with book. I think I need to come back to it later with a better frame of mind to finish it. But what you said about it suffering from first book syndrome--I feel is exactly right!! Because I feel that it has the wolf potential of BDB. I hope so anyway!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Sophia Rose, hope you enjoy it!!

Mariann: Yes, I see this series as having a lot of potential as a GREAT shifter series. Just push through the last 15% picks up a lot :)


Timitra said...

Added this to my wishlist!