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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Review: Knight by Kristen Ashley

by Kristen Ashley
Unfinished Heroes #1

This is the first book in Kristen Ashley's Unfinshed Heroes series, where bad boys rule supreme and the smexy factor has been raised to keep-a-spare-pair-of-knickers level. Knight Sebridge is first up. When

Anya first spots Knight at a party she didn't really want to go to and she is struck not just by his good looks, but by his ability to change the mood of a room just by being in it, and at the moment he was pissed off. But that wasn't the last she would see of Knight, after a chance meeting resulting in him taking her home, she can't stop thinking about him, dreaming about him, not realizing that Knight feels the same way and is determined to possess her any way he can...

Well Daddy... spank my arse and call me Shirley! I loved this book! I wasn't quite sure what to expect as Kristen Ashley's heroes are normally pretty bad ass anyways, but Knight takes it that one step further and pushes what us readers would normally find acceptable. But after seeing Knight in action I couldn't help but love him, he was a little scary, a lot sexy but also kind of sweet. Anya was also really great, she didn't break the mould of a KA heroine, she was sexy but didn't know it, with a big heart and worked for what she wanted, I like her heroines so this wasn't a problem for me.

But apart from the hero being a more extreme version of her uber alpha males, this book also differs from her others by the amount and type of sex. It is more explicit and also has an edge of BDSM in the way Knight likes to have complete control. There were no clamps, whips, St Andrew's Crosses or play rooms, but there was a little spanking and alot of ordering around. And perhaps the most controversial thing that I know alot of people have been talking about, is his title of Daddy when they are having sex. I personally thought this was sexy as hell, just like I think "Sir" and "Master" are, but I know alot of people were put off by it. I say bring it on, Knight can be Daddy anytime he wants!

The only thing I would have liked more of was some action, I kept expecting, a kidnapping/drive by/orphaned children to show up and rock the boat a little, but it didn't happen, this book very much focused on the relationship between Knight and Anya.

A great book, Ms Ashley has me completed enthralled, I am a hopeless addict, I need a KA fix whenever I can get one! 


mepamelia said...

Thanks for the recommendation although I didn't get to sleep on time last night because of this book. :) Is it just me or does Knight remind you a little bit of Terrible from the Downside Ghosts books? (Only better looking and rich that is!)

Unknown said...

Lol! I was the same way mepamelia, I couldn't out it down. When I was reading it I thought he kind of reminded me of Rehv from BDB, but I can see the Terrible connection as well!


Catherine Lee said...

Well...Who's your Daddy? Knight, of course. I like a good toe curling rating. Yum. This sounds like a keeper.

mepamelia said...

@ Suzanne: you're right about the Rehv resemblance. Terrible combined with Rehv? Be still my beating heart!

Timitra said...

Knight sounds like my kind of hero...thanks for the heads up on this series and author Suz!!!!

Mary Jo said...

Sounds pretty hot, I already wanted to read Rock chicks, but looks like I will be delving further....

msmjb65 said...

Now this book is REALLY my cup of tea. I love erotica and BDSM, so I'm all in here.
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com