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Friday, 6 April 2012

Review: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Ill Wind
by Rachel Caine
(Weather Warden # 1)

WOW...WOW...WOW!!!  This book was like nothing else I have ever read, I loved the originality of this story.  As I was reading I couldn't help but keep thinking that this would make such a great movie.  I love books that have something to do with controlling the weather, it feels very X-Men-ish.  But this was so different.
There are weather wardens, fire wardens, earth wardens, basically there are people out there that can control pretty much everything.  Weather wardens have the ability of controlling the weather  for mass effects or with the single purpose of hurting just one person.  Read: Joanne Baldwin.
As a weather warden, Joanne has been working on her powers until she's accused of murder and she is now running for her life.  Oh and she has a demon mark.  Her only hope might be her old friend/lover Lewis.  She's running away from a storm that is chasing her along the east coast in search of the ever elusive Lewis.

Things get even  more interesting when wardens actually have control over Djinns, and Lewis' djinn is helping her find him.  Or leading her intro a trap?
She meets David along the way, and they make an instant connection.  Even though she doesn't know right away who or what he is.
Lots of action, an interesting world to dive into, betrayals and demon possessions.  I loved the aspect of demons coming through into our world and causing weather disruptions.  This was one interesting, non-stop, glued-to-the-pages read.  I can't wait for more!

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The_Book_Queen said...

I haven't read this series, but I have read the series similar to it (The Outcast Season) and it's great! I look forwarding to reading this one as soon as I can though.

TBQ's Book Palace

Unknown said...

I believe The Outcast Season was sort of the spin-off of this one.


Timitra said...

I haven't read anything by Rachel Caine...this sounds really good, thanks Francesca!!!

Unknown said...

This was my first as well.