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Friday, 20 April 2012

Review: Sensation Play by Ann Mayburn

3.5 Feathers
Sensation Play
by Ann Mayburn

This story is actually kind of short, but it was the perfect spice in between other books.  This is what I've come to expect from the 1 Night Stand short stories.  Ms. Mayburn did a great job at conveying a believable connection in only 44 pages and that is not something that it's easy to do.

So we have the sophisticated Erica who wants a night o no holds barred kinkyness.  In the circles that she moves she couldn't simply go looking for this so she hires the 1 Night Stand dating service.  I always say the same thing but, where can I find this agency?? Damn!  They set her up with the perfect guy to give her just what she needs.

And that guy just happens to be a sexy ex-cage fighter.  Jonas, with his sexy accent, big muscles, and big... He first saw her at a society party and was mesmerized.  Since then, he has learned english for her and tried his best to get close to her.  When he overhears what she's planning on doing he makes sure he's the guy picked for the job.  And things just get hot from there!

Definitely a short story not to be missed!

*Book provided by publisher


Artemis said...

I just love the 1NS series. What the authors can do in such a short amount of time is awesome. Will check this one out too!

Ann Mayburn said...

Yeah! I hope I inspired a bit of sensation play at your house tonight. ;)

Timitra said...

Adding to my wishlist...thanks Francesca!!

Unknown said...

You had me at Holy F****G S**T.
You guys are killing me but that's why iluvyas.