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Friday, 6 April 2012

Review: A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang

A Brush of Darkness 
by Allison Pang
(Abby Sinclair # 1)

Allison Pang is one of the authors that is responsible for my addiction to paranormal reads.  She has created a unique world of fae, demons, succubus, angels, and humping unicorns living amongst humans.  This is a book to surely to bring emotions of lust, laughter, excitement and sadness.

There is a world of “OtherFolks” that exists in a linearplane, if you will, but none of the beings are able to interact, visit or live amongst the human world unless they have a Touchstone.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  As a Touchstone, the otherfolk will have entrance to the human world amongst other things and in return, the humans will live longer and a wish will be granted at the end of their contract. 

Abby Sinclair is a newly contracted Touchstone for a FaeProtectorate, Moira.  This top-notch fae disappears one day without a trace.  Abby is left to cover for all of Moira’s duties but Abby starts getting overwhelmed as things get complicated…especially when one of the complications comes in the form of a sexy succubus.

Brystion, THE ever so sexy succubus, comes in looking for Moira hoping for some assistance with his sister. She disappeared about the same time Moira had gone missing.  And he will stop at nothing and do anything to get her back safe if it means to use his powers, so be it.  I do have to say that “Brystion is eye candy of the highest caliber…”

I was sucked in to both Abby and Bristion’s story.  They are not tortured heroes but definitely with a past that affects their trust in the present.  The sexual tension was strong between them and the way they handled it was very mature. None of the "I want you but not really" situations, they just went along and did when they wanted to. The romance had great timing and I fell in love right along with them.

The sub-characters were just as great.  They fit the over all plot and they make you want to read more.

There will be some betrayals, misunderstandings, and sadly, hurt feelings.  You will get mystery, some action and I do have to say that there is a mild cliffhanger.  Honestly, along with the mystery and drama, part of reading UF books is the joy of cliffhangers.  I can deny it all I want but in the end, it leaves me NEEDING more.  The overall story was great and I know this series will be worth my time to invest on.

My last words (I’m sure this will make sense after you read this book):

I am for TEAM BRYSTION!!! 

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SacredmOOn said...

Great review! I have just received A Brush of Darkness and A Sliver of Shadow this last week in-my-mailbox. *bounces* I can't wait to start this fantastic series!! The covers are stunning! :)
DeAnna S.

Jen at Red Hot Books said...

I liked this book --and I loved the sequel. Would definitely recommend!

Timitra said...

Sounds pretty interesting!!!

Unknown said...

I just loaded A Silver of Shadow Loaded this morning. Sadly, I have not turned on my Nookie. But I will shortly, Can't wait....

Team Brystion!!!!!