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Friday, 6 April 2012

Review: Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

4.5 Feathers
Sweet Dreams
by Kristen Ashley
(Colorado Mountain # 2)

This has got to be my favourite Kristen Ashley book so far on my Read Everything That KA Has Written Mission! Sexy bad ass biker Tatum Jackson, Tate to his friends, is so far KA's greatest invention. And I am DEFINATELY upping sticks and moving to Colarado so I can catch my very own bad ass biker.

Lauren, however, didn't move to Carnal to meet a sexy bad ass biker, she left to lose her self in a small town and get away from the life she was leading before, when she found out her husband had been cheating on her for five years with her best friends. But as time goes on she begins to love her new life and new friends in Carnal, and can't stop thinking about her surly boss Tate...

I loved this book, love, loved loved it! I don't know what it is about this one that makes it stands out in my mind from her other books. It has the same basic formula as her other books, but this one for me, stood out. The characters in it for one were fantastic, not just the main couple, but also the side characters and it makes this a realy rich read as you start caring about everyone in it. But I especially loved, as you might have guessed, Tate he was alpha, he was hot, he was possesive...I couldn't get enough of him.

What I also liked about this was that there was a murder mystery plot line going on, and I have to say, I didn't guess who it was. I didn't really have a clue until they were revealed, I love it when a book surprises me and this one definately did.

A great read, now I am getting back on my mission!


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amandakgc said...

I loved this one as well but oh how Tate pissed me off in the beginning by calling her fat and what not and then tells her to "shake it off". I wanted to slap him! As for the killer, I thought it was someone else then BAM, wasn't who I thought. Lady Luck, the third to this series is my favorite and can't wait for the one after it. Isn't KA amazing?!!! Plus she writes the best epilogues. Happy Reading!

Timitra said...

Thanks for the author recommendation Suz!

lisagkendall said...

Thanks for the great review. Went out and bought it for this weekend!

Jackie Bell said...

First one i read and still one of my favorite's of KA!