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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

ARC Review: How to Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling

3.5 Stars
How to Ravish a Rake
by Vicky Dreiling

Rake meets wallflower. Rake teases wallflower with no intention of getting involved. Shit happens. Rake has to seduce said wallflower. Rake ends up falling in love.

This type of story should get old but when is narrated with humor and with characters that you seem to connect to and care from the beginning, then it's no wonder this book was a delightful read. I just couldn't put it down.

We got to know Amy Hardwick as Julienne's friend in How to Seduce a Scoundrel, and she's been shy and the typical wallflower. She doesn't usually get asked to dance or attract any male attention. After returning home and getting a proposal from the Vicar, Mr. Crawford, she realizes she still has hopes to marry for love, and she wants to have one last season.

Enter Will "the Devil" Darcett, Hawks’ brother and Juliennes’ brother-in-law. We don't see too much of his ways in this book. It is said that he is a rake, but in all honesty he didn't give so much that impression. He gets into a gambling debt and his friends suggest that he seduce and marry Amy for her fortune so he can pay off his debt.

Even though he starts off with that plan he quickly repents and decides to give it up, but ends up in a compromising position anyway, and married to her. Amy, wanting to marry for love, wants to try to make things work and withholds sex as a way of getting a proper courtship and hopefully cementing a better relationship. And the plan actually works. Most of the book is really spent on their at home courtship.
I do see them as a believable couple and I enjoyed their times together, getting to know each other physically and emotionally. I think they are well suited for each other. Will can bring Amy out of her shell more and Amy can ground Will and support him.

I loved the part about Amy designing clothes, not only hers but for most women of the ton, once they caught on to her wonderful designs. It really made her stand out from other wallflower characters and made her more interesting.

However, I do have a complaint, and that’s the ending. It was so abrupt. While in the middle of what I thought would be somewhat of an emotional ending, it only took about one page to wrap things up and finish the book. I think a few more pages, or even an epilogue to that would’ve been a bit more satisfying.

It was still a very fun, light and fast read. I am very curious to read the next book about Will’s friend Bell.

*ARC provided by publisher


fishgirl182 said...

i agree the the ending was much too abrupt. i kept thinking maybe i was missing a few pages or something. thanks for the review!

Timitra said...

Sounds pretty interesting!